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Rules/Reservation Post

This is where you can choose which scene(s) you'd like to draw for the quilt!

You're free to pick whatever scene you'd like to draw, whether it's an actual scene in the Ace Attorney games, or something you make up. For the latter, make sure it's nothing totally out-of-character or illogical. For example:

"Phoenix visiting Maya in the detention center in case 1-2": Okay!

"Phoenix, Apollo and Trucy eating dinner together": Okay!

"Trucy listening to a Gavinners CD": Okay!

"Edgeworth punching Oldbag in the face": No!

"Apollo and Kristoph making out in the office": No!

What I mean is: it's fine if you're into Apollo and Kristoph making out in the office, but I'd really like to make this quilt as true to the games as possible. I hope that makes sense!

Since you're allowed to draw any scene from the story as well, this post is going to contain spoilers for all four games! You've been warned!

So, when you've decided on a scene, post a comment to this entry describing it in a sentence or two. For example: "Lamiroir and Klavier on stage" or "Von Karma scolding 10-year-old Edgeworth". Look at the list of reserved scenes and make sure that what you have in mind hasn't already been drawn by someone else, so that we can avoid having the same scene drawn two or three or ten times.

I'll reply and okay your scene, and then you get to drawin'! All of the panels will be 250 x 300 pixels! Once you're done, head over to the Submission Post and comment with your finished panel.

You're allowed to draw as many panels as you want, but one at a time! Wait until you've finished your first panel if you want to draw a second one.

That's about it!

List of reserved scenes in Phoenix Wright (GS1-3):
Mia (as Maya) giving strength to Phoenix
Edgeworth visiting Phoenix in the hospital (3-5)
Edgeworth taking care of/bathing Pess
Gumshoe holding an umbrella over Edgeworth in the rain
*Classroom trial flashback from GS1
Phoenix and Maya out for burgers
Phoenix meeting Edgeworth again in 2-4
*Edgeworth's reaction to the earthquake in the detention center
Phoenix dusting for prints
*Ron Delite on the witness stand
Godot and Pearl drinking coffee
Phoenix crying in front of Edgeworth (2-4)
Turner Grey being ANGRY (at the weathergirl?)
Luke Atmey looking for Mask DeMasque after the urn is stolen (3-2)
*Godot with Misty's bloody sword (3-4)
Gumshoe walking Missile
*Maya leaving on a train for Kurain
Phoenix and Maya investigating outside of Tres Bien
Gregory Edgeworth holding his son's hand
Ema and Lana reunited (post 1-5)
Gumshoe presenting the Blue Badger
Gumshoe congratulating Edgeworth on a win
*Phoenix cleaning toilets
*Atmey spying on Ron hiding his costume (3-2)
Mia/Maya in Tres Bien uniform
*Edgeworth's flower bouquet from Oldbag
*Jake Marshall disguised as Goodman
Pearl scolding Franziska
Phoenix and Dahlia having lunch
Edgeworth playing "Phoenix Wright chess"
*Edgeworth and Gumshoe investigating
*Larry (Laurice) sketching before meeting Maya and Phoenix
*Maya and Pearl (and Phoenix?) out for ice cream
Jake Marshall congratulating Neil on the KoP trophy
Ema stalking Edgeworth
Maya and Pearl playing with Pearl's ball in Kurain
Grossberg Law Offices group picture
Edgeworth wearing the demon-warding hood
Diego flirting with Mia in Grossberg's offices
Will Powers talking to Phoenix and Maya in the Detention Center (1-3)
Iris with Elise's corpse
Dahlia's hanging

List of reserved scenes in Apollo Justice (GS4):
Apollo and Trucy visiting Phoenix in the hospital (4-2)
Apollo punching Phoenix in the face in 4-1
*Brotherly moment for Kristoph and Klavier
*Ema forcing forensics on Apollo
Trucy performing a magic trick for Apollo
Phoenix drinking some grape juice
Klavier and Daryan talking before Daryan takes the witness stand
Wocky Kitaki and family baking
Zak and Brushel being chums
Apollo cleaning the Anything Agency
Young Vera captivated by Kristoph
Young Trucy giving Phoenix the diary page
*Zak and Trucy escaping from Meekins in the courthouse
Phoenix and young Trucy at Kurain Village
*Valant playing the piano in 4-3
Ema doing a science experiment
Klavier visiting Kristoph in jail
*Trucy watering Charley
*Thalassa getting shot
Kristoph reading with Vongole nearby
Machi hiding the cocoon in Klavier's guitar
Apollo and Trucy finding Plum's bloomers
Kristoph and Apollo - mentor/student moment
Klavier and Daryan during Guilty Love performance
*Plum holding baby Wocky
LeTouse confronting Daryan during the Guitar Serenade performance
*Phoenix questioning Apollo on why he still has his daughter's panties
Apollo and Trucy talking about Danger Pins

* = Finished!
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